OCA for Adobe After Effects

OCA, the Open Cel Animation format is an open format to ease the exchange of traditionnal/frame-by-frame/cel animation between different applications.

It is able to import all animation keyframes from an OCA document, keeping the layer structure, blending modes, and a lot of other information. This OCA format can then be exported from drawing/animation applications like Krita, Photoshop, TVPaint, etc. and imported in Adobe After Effects or Blender.

The documentation about OCA is available on oca-docs.rainboxlab.org.

This is the OCA importer for After Effects.


This OCA import will import the most common features of all drawing/animation software:

  • Imports the layers
  • Layer Groups as composition (and pass through mode as “collapse transformation”)
  • Layer Labels
  • Layer Visibility
  • Frames and their duration (animation exposure)
  • Opacity Keyframes
  • Blending Modes (see this table for a list and correspondance)
  • Layer Sizes and Coordinates
  • Document background color (as composition background color)
  • Document color depth (as project bits per channel, changed only if it’s higher than the current project)