Import tvp Icon Clip from TVPaint


Since its 11th version, TVPaint comes with a tool to import clips in After Effects, but the importer in DuIO works a bit differently:

  • the animation exposure can optionally be set directly on the frames instead of using time remapping,
  • there is one level of precomposition less, so the resulting compositions are a bit cleaner,
  • the camera is not imported with the clip, as it can be imported using the better TVPaint Camera import tool, with more options and precision, and which can be set on a 2D Camera created by Duik.
  • The DuIO importer handles more blending modes than the one provided with TVPaint.

TVPaint 11 and newer

  1. Export the clip to JSON (using the Layers structure tab of the export panel).

    TVPaint export panel

  2. Click on the TVPaint button in DuIO, and select the JSON file.

Previous versions of TVPaint

  1. Export the clip using the “MJ_AFX_Export” script for TVPaint, which is provided with DuIO.
    The script creates a folder containing all needed frames in the clip, and a “clipInfo.txt” file.

  2. When importing the clip with DuIO, just select this text file, everything is automated.